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Formation en médecine environnementale

Par 20 février 2017mars 14th, 2017Sans commentaires

Le Docteur Peter Ohnsorge spécialiste de médecine environnementale et responsable de EUROPAEM propose une formation aux professionnels de santé. Cette formation répond à un besoin crucial.

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your active promotion of our Crowdfunding Clinical Environmental Medicine – Blended Learning. Worldwide we got tremendous interest, broad agreement | and | compliments.

Within the last days a lot of visitors | from | many different countries looked to the platform.

From Europe for example: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Cypress, Romania, Switzerland.

From worldwide for example: United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Mozambique | and | Algeria.

Please keep on promoting this crowdfunding project in order to gain subscribers soon.  

In the following E-mails we will inform you continuously about the development of the project.


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Subject: Clinical Environmental Medicine – crowdfunding for advanced training


We need your support for the Crowdfunding project “Clinical Environmental Medicine – Blended Learning”


What is this project all about?
The project is an advanced training in Clinical Environmental Medicine in a blended learning format (120 hours online | and | 40 hours of classroom teaching)

Why is it so important?
Huge numbers of people now suffer | from | chronic disease linked to environmental causes. Healthcare urgently needs many more physicians with competence in patient-focused Clinical Environmental Medicine.
How to support the project?
Go to to get more information.
If you are interested, take part in the Crowdfunding to support the international/English training project.
Please could you announce | and | promote this project to your network.
To facilitate this you could use this text for


And please share the news about this project wherever you come into contact with your colleagues, other medical professionals | and | friends, at congresses, seminars, workshops | and | meetings, etc.

For further information, please send your name | and | e-mail address to scopro Learning Solutions

We very much hope you will take part – thank you.


Thank you so much!
Best wishes,

Dr. med. Peter Ohnsorge

CEO, scopro GmbH

Auf der Schanz 104

97076 Würzburg

T: +49 931 470 869 24

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